TOP BITCOIN CASINOS & CASINO REVIEWS: The Definitive Guide To Bitcoin Gambling In 2018 (recommended bitcoin casino: FORTUNEJACK CASINO RATING – 9.5/10)



The bitcoin games at FortuneJack which is an online Bitcoin Casino are provably fair. The players at this Bitcoin Casino, are set at liberty to verify each and every game, so that they are not going to be cheated. The software of this website has availed the software from the software professional like Microgaming, Pragmatic play, endorphina, Softswiss, Igrosoft, Amatic, Playson, Tomhorn and GameA respectively. There is an assurance from the software providers of Bitcoin Casino website that the online platform is well facilitated with systems and gaming that works.




Within no time, mBit the online Bitcoin Casino has emerged as the renowned industrial leader in Bitcoin Gambling gaming. The desires and obsessions of every sort of player can be fulfilled at mBit casino. A lot of expenditure has been spent at this casino for improving and upgrading the customers experience. Even the range of gaming was been increased. A VIP program is offered to players to earn up to 22 BTC on every month thru prizes at this BTC casino.




Betchain is an online Bitcoin Casinos launched in the year of 2014, with a sole purpose for Bitcoin Gambling. Both mobile and as well as instant play gaming is facilitated at this BTC casino. This BTC online is fully regulated and licensed at Curacao. The accepted languages at this casino are English, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portutuese, Turkish and to name a few. These multilingual site enables the players to play in many major languages. Apart from Bitcoin currency, this casino is accepting even the other currencies like US dollar and Euros respectively.


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Betcoin is established in the year of 2013, at the land of Costa Rica. This is an online Bitcon Casino. This Bitcoin Gambling site, offers many number of Bitcoin Bonuses. The live casino, a sportsbook, a dice game and a poker room respectively are the things that can be offered by only this casino. o.o2 mBTC is the minimum bet here that is fixed. 5000mBTC is the the maximum bet that is set on live dealer.




Those who obsesses for an appropriate site to wager on, and who are energetic for Bitcoin Gambling, 1xBit is the suitable website for them. For the admirers of the sports this online Bitcoin Casino provides a wide variety of games on the gaming lobby to play. There are live dealer games, slots and lots more to fulfill the desires of a player. A Sign up formality can assure a player for having an incredible gaming experience.



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The MegaWins Bitcoin Casino is offering a round the clock customer service. Any type of issue can be resolved by the professional customer service crew in a friendly manner. Almost, at once the Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals are processed without taking much time. Having possessed with a lots of positive traits embedded in its kit, this BTC casino intends to climb an higher altitude in the worldwide casino industry.




In the year of 2016 PlayAmo that is an online Bitcoin Casino that has emerged in  Bitcoin Gambling industry. A first deposit bonus of 100% up to 1 BTC with 25 free spins are going to be given by this BTC casino. 50% up to 1 BTC along with 25 free spins will be awarded by the second deposit and reload bitcoin casinos no deposit bonus. The languages such as English, Canadian, Russian, Australian, German, Swedish, and Norwegian respectively have been adapted by this casino.




Here, at Bitstartz which is an online Bitcoin Casino the players are allowed to  deposit and withdraw money in plenty of ways, in addition to Bitcoins. The Bitcoins here are existing in digital mode in online or offline storage spaces instead of staying as coins and notes. A plenty of traditional payment options and of course, Bitcoins were been granted to the customers. Since, these methods are secured via industry standard encryption technology, they tends to be fast, reliable and efficient.

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Bitsler which is an online Bitcoin Casino has obtained its full fledged growth in the year of 2015 rapidly like a supersonic rocket. When it comes to converse about Bitcoin Gambling this Bitcoin Casino bagged a very good amount of players. There exists three major alternatives in addition to Bitcoins for the User accounts that can be deposited viz; Ethereum [ETH], Litecoin [LTC] and Dogecoin [DOGE] respectively.




In terms of Bitcoin Casino gaming Megadice can be considered to be a classic. This has been applauded by many number of Bitcoin players in an admiring manner. The Bitcoin Casino, displays simple and fair graphics. Megadice definitely offers a chance for proving that each roll is calculated in a nice manner ensuring the players that there exists no set ups. This can be trusted for this integration.


BITCOIN CASINO: The Definitive Guide To Bitcoin Gambling In 2018

The Bitcoin that has been developed in the year of 2009 by a nameless body, which is called as “Satoshi Nakomoto”. The best Bitcoin casinos is a revolutionary form of digital currency, that is breaking down the international barricades by genuinely serving the people from across all the countries.

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It does not matter the currency, while when Bitcoins are in usage. For instance, people from US, Russia and Cambodia can use them. It never matters that where a person live or what kind of currency the country is using. To be in a nutshell Bitcoins are available for everyone. So, right at this moment it would be fine to spare some considerable time for going through the following noteworthy information pertaining to Bitcoin.


Everybody is familiar that Bitcoin transactions takes place in between person-to-person. It is also clear that, no a bank or a financial zone is essential for two persons for interacting with this currency.

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That is why, the electronic currency is deposited with offshore online casinos that accept bitcoin thru a person-to-person transaction, which has been proved as untraceable by the law of enforcement. Why? Because, Bitcoins are virtually impossible for a user, to be punished for using them.


Majority of the governments as of today, are relying upon their gambling industries for generating much required revenue. Some of the countries have really legalized gambling for the sake of collecting the revenue in a dispirited economy. But, other governments which are always away from bitcoin gambling culture, are now considering for making gambling to happen in their country.

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To the misfortune of these governments Bitcoin transactions are making it so difficult for collecting bitcoin online gambling revenue. This is because, since, the BTC transactions are anonymous there is a much impossibility of taxing. Though, the entire information is available for outside parties for examining, no names are attached to the data. Even auditors can witness the quantity of amount is flowing in and out of people’s purses, but could not trace out precisely who is a winner and who is a loser.


Bitcoin seems to be ready for revolutionizing the world of online Gambling. A latest infographic gives an explanation for the casino operators why and how. It is a familiar fact that, there has always been gambling since, from ancient times and also there will be gambling for ever. Therefore, everybody believes that they are always set at liberty for spending their money and time in accordance with their wish. As of today, the confrontation has begun for right to gamble. So, right at this moment government is busy in enforcing more and more regulations upon casinos, poker clubs, slot machines and all kinds of sport betting.

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It is to be observed that, the moment when the free, open Internet raised in the early days, online gambling has taken a chance for initiating instantly. It is a true fact, that the gambling industry has adopted the entire new online technologies with a great rapidity, beginning from videoconferencing and virtual reality to mobiles respectively. As a result, as of now, the pendulum is swinging in anti-clockwise direction. So, That is why, the Big Capital and Big Government have entered into the field for taking full control of this situation. This is the main reason for free bitcoins online gambling, that is finding a tough time under heavy regulatory flame.

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At this need of this hour, Bitcoin has emerged, exclusively online gambling. Bitcoins can give utmost benefits for both the users and providers, provided if they follow perfect precautions. It proves a tedious job for the state for blocking them. It is to be endured that, if the online gambling place is highly regulated or outright prohibited, then, one can very easily gamble online with Bitcoin throughout the globe. Since, the Bitcoin live casino is decentralized in nature, it very well allows the creation of bets, which lives upon the distributed blockchain, without having a prospective single point failure, that is pertaining to a central domain or server.


The smart money is on a gambling revolution. So, now the time is ripe for bitcoin gamblers for cashing in their chips and begin mining their Bitcoins, since, the cryptocurrency is going to make conventional money, which is an investing force in gambling.

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The central idea is that Bitcoin transactions are cost economy. That means low transaction prices allows continuous business methods by means of low commission, that are appealing for affiliates and end users and even translates into more profits and the operators. An another important aspect of selling point of best Bitcoin Gambling sites is its Global access.


There is an another worth mentioning important point of Bitcoin is its Transparency. That means, the entire transaction are observable in the blockchain for scrutinization. Hence, Bitcoin is offering a wonderful financial transparency. This is alright, up to some extent. But, that does not mean to accept that best Bitcoin Gambling online is “provably fair” at all times.

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Of course, the perturbing aspect is that the operator might just collect the money and can abscond at any moment. Hence, enthusiastic gamblers who are security-conscious minded, will only believe 100% transparent systems,that dwells upon blockchain itself, where the entire transactions are from person-to-person. Therefore, the operator can never able to reach the money.

However, this would be so tedious for implementation, because the operator must have to collect a fee. Therefore, new Bitcoins, that are transparent and trustable solutions are raising. Since, these kind of solutions appears ideal for gambling, they are not easily applicable for real time casino gaming. But, even then, the new developments are taking place with a great pace.


Since, from so many years, online gambling was obtainable only for the people, who are existing in certain countries. This is because of the plenty of regulations, that have been imposed by the online gambling market. But, now the scenario has changed. The BTC casinos market has fully grown, and this has gradually enabled majority of the people for getting access to the gambling entertainment.

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Right at this moment, everybody agrees that, the internet freedom is every individual’s right. Gambling via an anonymous Bitcoin-based casino permits the people across the globe for gambling online without any risks in the midst of the gambling. As of now, there might be over 100 Bitcoin video Casinos that are available. Some of them may only allows the coin as a method of payment. But, others are created to solely rely upon digital currencies.

Among these casinos, majority of them even offers the users the capacity to enjoy the best bitcoin games anonymously, by without having to register for an account or offering any personal details either. The nature of the Bitcoin, while making a transaction no any kind of details are shared upon the blockchain. The only information, that is available, is the transaction timestamp, addresses responsible and the money transacted.

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This is turning as a severe difficult task and inefficiency for the governments for tracking those personnel who are using digital currency for online gambling. Hence, it is advised that, while enjoying with Bitcoins in this manner, several aspects have to be kept in mind for staying safely and comfortably.


Living in a country, where gambling is treated as illegal, then the chances are bleak, for submitting a report or litigate the casino in question, provided if the casino cheats the players and receives the money.

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So, it is highly suggested that playing on renowned casinos, that offers provably fair protocols, is always a best choice.


For the purpose of two reasons it is greatly required to read the bitcoin casino reviews before heading to gamble.

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The first and the foremost thing is to gain ability for making much informed choice and learn regarding entire casinos that are obtainable on the market.Secondly, the chances of ending up playing at a casino, that cheats the players are much less.


This rule has to be continued forever while gambling. The volatile nature of digital currencies always gives some excess money, provided if a player waits for some more time.

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Hence, care should be taken, not to gamble for more than affording to loose. Hence, it is advised for carrying out their own research, because it is always the player’s responsibility for checking the local laws.


By availing Bitcoin and other related cryptocurrencies, the online gambling have increased in popularity over the past few years. It is to be observed that, the online gambling is one of the first mainstream that uses virtual currency.

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So, therefore, most of the cryptocurrency users may have tax liability on their gambling winnings, by not even knowing about it. The real fact is, a gambler must have to report the winnings and losses upon the tax returns.


Now, there came a realization among online gambling circles, about the benefits of using Bitcoin for playing Roulette, Poker, Slots and even other games. This very Bitcoin is the reason, for having the casinos to become more popular in the cryptocurrency world. This is the result of the Bitcoin’s inarguable advantages like:

Fast and inexpensive money transfers.

Power to use one hundred millionth of a single BTC.

Decentralization, where the governments fails to reach the earnings.

Limited amount of BTC, that leads to sustain the uplift in the price.

The security and privacy of transactions and impossibility of their cancellation.

The privacy is required to be furnished in particular.

The Bitcoin’s anonymous money transferring attribute, has made this digital currency, for becoming so attractive for the people of all walks of life, through out the globe.

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This feature has attained its prominence in most of the countries, where there is restrictions or prohibitions for free use of currency, by law, while the local traditional money lose value very soon. The 100% anonymity of the financial transactions making it to happen for every person, for avoiding the never ending oversight of government, given that this player having a cryptocurrency wallet.


There is no need to visit an online sportsbook for placing mobile bets. The usage of Bitcoin for placing sporting wagers and casino bets is raising upon each consecutive day. So, usually, the websites, that are offering these kinds of bets are incisive enough for joining upon the latest craze, and that is nothing but, mobile betting.

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The majority of the high profile Bitcoin mobile betting apps will run on Apple Based Operating Systems I.e; iOS and Android powered portable gaming devices, likewise, tablets and smartphones respectively. The following are the best Bitcoin mobile betting apps:


The iPhone is a greatly popular device, that is considered for performing for bet with bitcoin. This is to an extent limited in terms of graphics, that it can offer, but most of the larger Bitcoin casino sites are more than skilled for being compatible with such kind of devices. Powered by the iOS operating system, iPhones are steadily being upgraded for newer and different kind of models.

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Whoever is aspirint to place for Bitcoin bets with iPhones, must ensure that they have at least an iPhone 4 series or still better, for ensuring absolute compatibility.


From the other side of the coin iPads need not to be as new. The iPads are more manageable with most of the major Bitcoin betting sites. Because, of its larger screen and enhanced graphics capacities, it gives the players more and more liberty. This is even powered by iOS operating system. Hence, there wont be any difficulty for the players, while playing their favourite casino gaming with Bitcoins. It is to be observed that, the more newer the device, the better the Bitcoin mobile betting experience will be .

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Choosing a great place for great BTC gambling is quite straightforward. The flourishing gamblers will have to take an observation around one of the top Bitcoin Gambling sites, that are located online. Taking an opportunity for knowing the information regarding the fine Bitcoin Gambling sites is always appreciable.